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Nourishing Food from a Farm You Can Trust


Abraham's Table Farm is a small, sustainable farm, growing organic vegetables, pasture-raised and soy-free chicken, pasture-raised and soy-free eggs, and grass fed beef. We use regenerative farming practices to produce nutrient dense food. We are concerned with healthy relationships, community building, and honest work. Our vision of human flourishing is many people sharing a meal around a common table. 


Becky G.

"Love, love, love this CSA and quickly rejoined when given the opportunity.  The vegetables are not only delicious and chemical free--they're beautiful!!  (The chicken is also fantastic!)  The farm store offers a wide variety and allows you to add or subtract to your share which is so convenient.  Eating healthier is important to me and Megan also provides great "family-tested" recipes on the website which has helped me out on more than one occasion.  I totally recommend this CSA. " 

S9E4• Early Spring Greens, More Compost, Pasture Restoration and another Workers Arrives!

S9E4• Early Spring Greens, More Compost, Pasture Restoration and another Workers Arrives!

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Can't Decide?

Not sure if committing to a farm is right for you? That's ok. We've put together this guide to help you make an informed decision based on YOUR priorities. Joining a farm and cooking fresh food takes a certain kind of person and only you know if its a good fit for you

       So download this guide, take some time to read through it, and make an informed decision. We'll be right here when you're ready.

Want fresher food? 

Want the vegetables you buy to last longer? When you buy from us everything is picked fresh and lasts longer. But there's still a lot of tricks for keeping your food fresh for even longer. 

This guide is a comprehensive and concise collection of all the best methods for keeping things fresh for longer. Download it now, thank us later. 

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