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Exclusive savings and priority access to the farm but without the upfront cost of a CSA.



Farm Members have access to our members only pricing catalog which gives them 10% off every purchase they make. This includes small orders (like a few more onions) or large orders (like a half cow to stock their deep freezer)! 


Farm members can receive their orders at one of our several convenient drops sites for free! Alternatively, members can also receive home delivery (within approved zip codes.) for a reduced rate!


Extra early spring crops and surprisingly late fall harvests will also be available to members first. As we push into winter growing and expand our harvest season to feed more people for more of the year these perks will only get better for our members. 


When we grow something new, we offer it to our members first. Also, when we have limited quantities of a crop or special cut of meat, we offer it to our farm members first. Likewise with  trials of new crops--always members first. 

Join now and start enjoying the benefits that come from a closer relationship with your farmer!


How do I become an Abraham's Table Farm Member?

Easy! You can purchase a Farm Membership in our online farm store for $100.

What benefits do I get with a Farm Membership?

Benefits include:

  • A 10% discount on all Farm products purchased through our online farm store during the membership term. Excludes the Membership fee.

  • Reduced Door delivery fees within approved zip codes and regions. 

  • Free Drop-site delivery.

  • Exclusive first access to spring harvests, priority access as new crops become available, and continued access to late harvested crops as the season allows. 

  • Expanded access to new varieties, specialty crops, trial crops, and new animal products that are not available in our regular farm store. 

  • Special invitations to farm events. 

*Membership benefits are subject to change (including to remove benefits or add new benefits) at any time, without notice to you and for any reason or no reason. Membership discount is not added to subscription discounts but replaces it. For up-to-date information on current benefits, check back here.

When can I start using my Farm Membership benefits?

Once you pay for a Farm Membership we will need to review your account and grant you access to the members only pricing page. Once you have access to the members only pricing page you can place orders with your new benefits!

Does the discount apply to on-farm or in-person purchases?

The Farm Membership discount only applies to orders placed through our online farm store. Don’t worry, though, if you'd like to make an on-farm or in-person purchase and receive your discount, we can simply invoice your for the order later so you can use your discount. 

Can I combine my Farm Membership discount with other discounts?

The Membership discount can’t be combined with other discounts. For example, you won’t be able to add an extra 10% off subscription orders that already get you 5% off, but you will get at least 10% off every time you place an order through the members only pricing page (while you’re still an active member).

When will I be charged the Membership fee?

If you purchased an Abraham's Table Farm Membership, the annual membership fee is charged in full when you first sign up. This is non-refundable. Your will need to purchase a Membership for an additional year on or before March 1st of the following year to continue with your membership benefits. No sweat—we'll send you a reminder leading up to that time.

How do I cancel my Membership?

No problem. You can cancel by sending us an email letting us know you'd like to cancel. If you decide to cancel, your membership and benefits will be effective until the expiration of your current membership term. 

Is the Abraham's Table Farm Membership fee refundable?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Our annual membership fee is non-refundable.

How long will I have access to my Abraham's Table Farm Membership benefits?

A farm membership will last for a whole year starting in March. You will have access to your membership benefits as long as you keep your membership active. 

Will my Abraham's Table Farm Membership automatically renew?

A Farm Membership is good for one year and will not auto-renew. You will be prompted to renew your membership to keep your membership active in the spring. 

Will you remind me when it needs to renew?

A Farm Membership is good for one year and can be renewed on March 1st for successive one-year periods for the then-current membership fee. You will be prompted to make a payment to renew your membership on or before March 1st. 

Will the Abraham's Table Farm Membership fee ever change?

The amount of the annual membership fee may be changed at any time, but existing members will never be charged the new membership fee until the start of your next membership term. We’ll also notify members of the change prior to charging them the new fee.

Can I make payments with cash? 

Yes! We support using cash for your membership and purchases with our farm. To use cash there are basically two options. Either you can select "cash/check" as your payment method when checking out and deliver your payment to us in person or via mail. You can also use cash/check to pre-load credit onto your account for future purchases. Loading credit onto your account is a great strategy if you know you'll be spend money with us in the future and simplifies the number of transactions we both need to process.  

Can I pay for the entire season in advance? 

Yes! Paying in advance for your food is a great way to support and help the farm. Just tell us you'd like to purchase store credit and we'll load your account with whatever amount of credit you purchase. All subsequent store orders will then draw down your store credit before charging your account or card. 

Why would I use store credit? Are there benefits?  

Loading your account with store credit early in the season is a great way to help out the farm. It allows us to use your funds early in the season when most of our expenses fall and lets us know we have support going forward. 

Loading your account with store credit also minimizes the transactions you see and process. You will make one large payment to your farm instead of many many small payments over the course of the year.

Is store credit refundable? 

No. Once you have purchased store credit there is no way for us to refund it. 

How can I contact you with another question?

Email us at We’re always happy to answer questions

Joining Abrahams Table has been wonderful. I love how personable and caring and real they are. Also really like the ability to customize your vegetable order every week - this is a great service. The meat order has also proven to be a good decision (1/4 cow) and also economical in these times and I believe the cows are humanely raised, which is very important to me. 


--  Millicent T.  --                        

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