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2024 CSA Signups Are Open!
Traditional and Customizable CSA options available!

A CSA is a subscription service (like a newspaper - but for delicious food). 

You sign up in advance, and then we grow and deliver nutrient-dense food to you on a weekly or every-other-week basis. We deliver food year round but our main vegetables growing season extends from May to November. We accept both upfront payment and payments as you go. 


We are working towards a full diet CSA and currently produce Vegetables, Herbs, Eggs, Chicken, and Beef. CSA subscriptions can be created with any combination of the above products!


Upfront payment is strongly preferred and provides a huge service to our farm. (It gives us critical resources to get through spring planting!) As a convenience to our members you can also pay for your share in installments. Please email us for details. 



We offer a couple different options for membership. Our Traditional CSA members stay with us for 20 weeks during the main growing season and receive a box of fresh nutrient-dense vegetables (+/- 7 items) that are curated by us. This option works well for people who love the surprise and challenge of getting new things to use every week. It is also perfect for members who would rather not place orders online. 

Traditional CSA Memberships are available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

Reoccurring orders of eggs, chicken, or beef can be added to Traditional CSA Memberships to build a more robust weekly delivery! 


Our Customizable CSA members purchase an allotment of credit that is loaded onto their account at the beginning of the season. Members can use that store credit at their pleasure on any food items available in our online farm store. While availability does change throughout the season we generally have an abundance of products available for members to choose from. Vegetable availability is seasonal. Meats and eggs are typically available year round. 

Customizable CSA Membership FAQs

  • How much credit do I have to start with?

The starting credit depends on the amount you purchase at the beginning of the season. We currently have two purchase options for our customizable CSA: Large: $800 and Small: $400

  • How do I use my credit? 

Every time you place an order with us your store credit will be reduced by the value of the order. You can place orders at any point during the season for whatever you want (provided it is available) in exactly the quantities you use.

  • How do I know how much credit I have remaining?

Your store credit is visible on your account homepage in our store. simply log in and select the "my account" button to view your account details

  • What if I use up all my credit before the end of the season?

If you use up all of your store credit you can purchase additional credit and it will be added to your account. You can also purchase items a la carte or use cash or card.

  • What happens if I do NOT use up my credit before the end of the season? Can I get a refund or save it for next year? 

We cannot issue refunds but you can maintain credit on your account from one season to the next. Since we continue to deliver nutrient dense food all winter long you can continue to draw down your credit by placing orders during the winter season or wait till the growing season gets going again the next spring.


Traditional CSA members have a few options. They can either arrange for a friend or family member to receive their share while they are away or request we donate their order. 

Customizable members can simply not place an order and their credit balance will remain the same till they return. If a customizable member has arranged for automatic orders by subscribing to a particular item they should pause that subscription while they are away or ask us to pause it. 

Join now and start enjoying the benefits that come from a closer relationship with your farmer!

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