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Our vegetables are Beyond Organic. We do not use any herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides at all. We don't even use the organic alternatives. Instead, we've gone the extra mile to re-mineralize and balance our soils, tighten up our management, and build up the soil's biology so that our plants are growing in optimally healthy soil. By focusing on those fundamentals and taking the time to do it right we are able to grow vegetables that are so vigorous and healthy that they can resist pest and disease pressure on their own. Furthermore, because we're done the extra work to build up our soil, our vegetables are significantly more nutritious then anything available elsewhere--organic or otherwise. 

Simply put: our vegetables are naturally healthy and incredibly nutritious because we are extremely serious about soil health and doing things the right way without cutting corners.


You can purchase eggs in our CSA 


Once our chicks emerge from the brooder, they spend their entire life living on fresh pasture. They live in "salatin-style" floorless pens which we move every day to ensure that they are on fresh green grass all the time. Because of this, they get plenty of exercise, fresh green grass, bugs, and sunshine during their lifetime. Since chickens need more then just grass to thrive, we also feed them a ration of organic, soy-free grains that we source from a local organic farmer. At the end of their life they are processed humanely by a local and inspected butcher. 

Because do the extra work to raise our chickens in incredibly clean and healthy conditions, they remain healthy and we do not have to medicate them at all. They do not receive any hormones, vaccines, anti-biotics or stimulants ever. 

Because we focus on the fundamentals and refuse to cut corners, our chicken is unmatched in flavor, nutrition, and texture.

You can purchase eggs in our CSA. 


Our laying hens live on pasture as long as weather permits, which means they get to live an incredibly comfortable life in the open air. Because we move them to new pasture every day or two, they are always on fresh green grass with plenty of bugs as well. Because all chickens need more then just grass to thrive we also feed them a ration of organic, soy-free grains that are grown ground and mixed by a local organic farmer.


Because our chickens live in an incredibly healthy environment and receive a nutritious and clean diet, they are very healthy and we do not need to medicate them at all. The do not receive any hormones, vaccines, anti-biotics or stimulants ever.  

And of course, all this attention to detail and quality also means that the eggs they lay are also incredibly nutritious and healthy with frim yolks and whites. They are the best eggs available. 

You can purchase eggs in our CSA.


Our Cows are 100% grass fed and finished and spend their entire lives our on fresh pasture. Because they spend their lives in such clean and healthy environment with a completely natural diet, they do not need medications, anti-biotics, stimulants or growth hormones. 

Furthermore, we move our cows to fresh grass multiple times a week which not only ensures that THEY get plenty of good grass in its optimal stage of growth, but the landscape itself is also given adequate rest which ensures it is regenerated over time rather then degraded. 

Our cows are healthy and happy. Their life contributes powerfully to restoring our landscapes and their meat is clean, nutritious, and flavorful. 

You can order our beef through our CSA.

To find out where you can buy our products, please go HERE.

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