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We are the Barr family (and friends) and we are on a mission to build a sustainable farm that produces extremely nutritious food, while offering a place hospitality and mentorship.

We grow 
organic vegetables, pasture-raised and soy-free chicken, pasture-raised and soy-free eggs, and grass fed beef. We use regenerative farming practices to produce nourishing food while promoting health in our ecosystem. We are concerned with healthy relationships, community building, and honest work. Our vision of human flourishing is many people sharing a meal around a common table.

We farm so that we can live close to creation and work with our bodies as well as our minds. We want to nourish our community with healthy and whole food and create a place of hospitality and mentorship. We believe that faming offers us a unique opportunity to live out our values and serve those around us while being transformed by the natural and agricultural rhythms of farm life. 

We also believe that sharing the fruit of our labors with our members and telling our story gives them the opportunity to live out their values and experience the transforming patterns of creation as well--all while enjoying clean, flavorful, and nutritious food that is grown locally while supporting our mission of hospitality and mentorship.

Will you join us? 


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