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Nourishing Food From A Farm You Trust



High in Antioxidants
Increased Brix Levels

Compost Based Fertility

Herbicide Free
Fungicide Free
Insecticide Free
Fertilizer Free
Chemical Free


Egg Flat from above.JPG




Free Range


Beta-carotene Rich

High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

High in Vitamins A, E, & B12

Hormone Free

Anti-biotic Free

Cage Free

Chemical Free





 Rotationally Grazed


High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Hormone Free

Antibiotic Free

Chemical Free

Corn Free

Soy Free

Grain Free


Chicken on Herbs retouched and warm.JPG





High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

High in Vitamin A, E & B12

Hormone Free

Anti-biotic Free

Cage Free

Chemical Free

Chlorine Free

Learn more about our practices here! 

When your food comes from a farmer you trust, you'll feel confident and excited
by what you eat!

If you take nutrition seriously and want a personal relationship with a farmer you trust then we are the farm for you. All of our farming practices are focused on providing our members with the most nutritious food possible. Learn more about our practices HERE. 


Or come visit us in person!


Meet Your Farmer(s)

Joel and Megan Barr began farming over a decade ago with a dream to produce clean and nutritious food for themselves and their community. It wasn't long before they realized that farming was hard work and producing consistent high quality food was more complicated then they thought. By rallying a team and learning the nuances of soil health and human nutrition they persisted. Now, more then 12 years later, farming is still hard work, but the health of their land and the flavorful and nutritious food they produce keeps them excited to continue. When you become a member of the farm you get to enjoy that food as well and bring health and vitality to your family, community, and the land. 

Becky G.

"Love, love, love this CSA and quickly rejoined when given the opportunity.  The vegetables are not only delicious and chemical free--they're beautiful!!  (The chicken is also fantastic!)  The farm store offers a wide variety and allows you to add or subtract to your share which is so convenient.  Eating healthier is important to me and Megan also provides great "family-tested" recipes on the website which has helped me out on more than one occasion.  I totally recommend this CSA. " 


Abraham's Table Farm is primarily concerned with human health and flourishing. We believe that nutrient dense food is foundational to physical health and so we have set out to produce the most nourishing food possible. And while physical health is extremely important, we also believe that it is equally important that we tend to our emotional, relational, and spiritual health as well. Therefore, we're also concerned with how we produce and sell the food we grow. Maintaining a small and local farm allows us to be careful and mindful of how our actions affect our environment and our community. We want to do good work that brings health to our own bodies and the bodies of others, but also work that brings health and healing to the land and builds bonds of trust and respect between ourselves and others. We want to discipline ourselves to humbly serve rather then arrogantly saving the world from doom. 


Getting High Quality Food Shouldn't Be Complicated
(with us it's not)


Create an Account

The first step to getting nutrient dense food directly from our farm is to create an account in our online farm store. This account lets us know where you'd like us to deliver your food. It also gives us your basic contact info so we can contact you about your order. 


Place Your Order

When you place your order you'll be prompted to select a drop site or delivery location first. Next you'll need to select your fulfillment date so we know when to bring you your order. We normally deliver on Tuesdays. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase a membership or subscription if you're ready to commit and want to save. 


Start Eating!

We'll deliver your food on our next delivery cycle so you can immediately begin enjoying the flavorful and nutrient dense food that you need to protect your health and nourish your body. Come back for more when you're ready. 

Finding food you feel confident about isn't easy. 

​A lot of food out there isn't what it claims to be. Its hard to feel confident about a lot of what you buy. Just one look at the ingredients list on most things and you start to wonder if it is even food at all. And while CSAs are nice, they can be frustrating in their own way. Not every family eats or likes the same things, so how could a standardized box be a good fit for anyone? And while farmers markets are a nice experience, the reality is that they're not consistent enough to be a reliable solution for your food needs.  ​ Abraham's Table Farm is making it easy for people to get high quality food directly from a farm they trust. Weather you want to try it out for the first time or you know you're ready to commit to a farm that is doing it right, we've got a shopping option for you.  ​ We want to make it easy for you to get the high quality food you're looking for and have complete confidence that it is coming from a farm that knows what they're doing and has your health as their highest priority.  ​ If you want to dig deep and really know how your farm is growing your food then we eagerly invite you to send us an email, give us a call, or set up a time to personally visit our farm. We're happy to answer all your questions and tell you exactly how we produce the high levels of nutrition you are looking for. ​ And when you're ready, we've got four ways for you to get your food. Whether you love traditional CSAs or want something more customized, want to just try us out or need to source all of your food from a farm that is doing it right, we've got a great option for you! check out our options below and reach out if you have any further questions!


How would you like to get your food? 


Regular Shopping

Want to get nourishing food directly from a regenerative farm but not quite ready to commit to a CSA or membership? Anyone can place orders in our store at any time and get nutritious food delivered during our next delivery cycle. Its that simple. 



Subscribing to specific items in our store (like a dozen eggs) allows you to start receiving those items on a regular basis without the need to reorder all the time.  This option can be combined with regular shopping.



If you love traditional CSAs this is the option for you. Pay up-front for a full season of vegetables, eggs, chicken, or ground beef and we'll deliver your box at the frequency that works for you! Enjoy getting a surprise of in season vegetables without the need to shop online or place weekly orders!

To Join, please email us and we'll set you up personally!


Customizable Membership

Support your farmer, and get complete control over what you receive! A Farm Membership gives you the freedom to  place orders whenever you want for the items you need in exactly the quantities you use. Members get 10% off all orders and special delivery rates! 

Where would you like to receive your order? 

We are Located in Sandstone MN


  • You can pick up your orders on the farm at (almost) any time. 

  • We also have drop sites in Pine City and North Branch. 

We Deliver to the Twin Cities. 


  • We deliver to the Twin Cities area every Tuesday. 

  • We can bring your order to one of our drop sites in Anoka, Crystal, Falcon Heights, Edina, and South Minneapolis. 


  • We can also deliver directly to your home (restrictions apply). 

Ready to get better food from a farm you can trust? 

Stay connected to your farm!

When it comes to food, we believe transparency is important. We think everyone should know their farmer, where their food is coming from and how it was produced. But getting out to the farm all the time is a lot to ask. So while our customers are always welcome to come out and see the farm first hand, we also want to make it easy for them to see what's going on from their homes. Regular videos make it possible for you to see exactly what is going into your food and keep you connected to the people and place your food comes from!