Creating Beauty “Just Because”

Farm Work Is More Than Growing Food To Eat

When most people think about gardening, they think about fruits, vegetables and herbs. But did you know that flowers – which are mostly considered for their beauty (and a source of nectar for bees and other bugs) -- can be delicious, and are jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals, too?

In years past, Megan’s sister Corinne took great joy in growing many flowers and herbs for our CSA members and passing along what flowers were edible and how to used them. But this year, with so much going on in getting our new property going, we didn't have anyone take on the responsibility to grow and “harvest” flowers.

But we still planted some this spring. A bunch actually. But they didn’t get a lot of “gardening attention” from us -- yet, they grew.

And this past week, when Joel was walking through the garden, he was captured by their simple beauty. Right in the middle of all the hub-hub of our daily tasks and the hoeing, and picking, and watering, is an island of pretty flower blooming right now.

It's lovely.