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Week 16

Week 16 is here and no frost in the 10 day forecast! That is good news for us. And that is good news for you because it means more production from many of the summer crops.

Like peppers. We are very glad for a late frost when it comes to peppers because in this zone we hardly have time for them to turn red or yellow. Because we had such a late spring we didn't think we would get much color. Now it looks like we will have some after all.

That is the thing with farming. Within a single season that can be considerable ups and downs. I guess once we are seasoned veterans we won't be too phased. We will work a cushion into our systems, finances, and production to protect ourselves.

That is hard to do when you are still starting everything up. In these early days, everything counts. Profits are hard won. Its hard to keep a cushion of anything when you need resources to be building the farm in the first place. Keeping a safety net feels like holding the farm back from growing.

As we build this farm we are very thankful for our steady CSA customers. Your early season payments are crucial for us to kick-start production early in the season. Your full season patronage means we can focus on building and farming and not worry so much about sales.

Your interest in what we are doing keeps us motivated and your encouraging words keep us excited. And all of you who stock up on meat in the late fall also give us an important late season influx that allows us to invest for next season and cash-flow the winter.

If you have not stocked up on beef and chicken for the coming winter, please do. We will be bringing meat down for the last 4 weeks of the season so you can conveniently pick it up with your vegetables. You can buy in small amounts or contact us beforehand to make a larger order.

We are also producing a lot of eggs right now. Our younger flock is coming into lay and we have an abundance. This week we will be offering eggs at our wholesale price of $4 a dozen. If you know anything about eggs, you know that this is a great price. Please buy some for yourself and some for a friend. Everyone seems to love our eggs and they are a great way to introduce people to our farm and help us gather more customers.

We hope you enjoy the share this week. Many people do not know how to use eggplant but it is a great vegetable. We recommend Ratatouille, and Eggplant Parmesan, but gently cooking them in oil and mixing them with other vegetables is simple and delicious as well.

In your share:


Peppers (&hot)











The ATF Crew

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