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Week 13

We didn't get rain for about a month. If we didn't have irrigation we would have been in trouble. But irrigating is work. We have to move hoses and sprinklers and manage timing. It is not difficult but it takes energy and management. It also takes power to run the well pump. All of our water for irrigation and animals comes from one residential well that can pump about 5 gal per minute. That is not a lot of water. And since we have to irrigate a rather large area, it means we have to be almost constantly turning sprinklers on and off and moving them around in order to keep things moist during a hot dry August.

At the end of last week we got several inches of rain during one rain event. When you consider that that amount of water fell over a huge part of the region you realize just how piddly our little system is.

But we do what we can to mediate the swings of nature. Even though it takes considerable energy to keep things wet during a dry spell, at least we can do something. It is a little more difficult when things are too wet. Its not like we can bring fans out to dry off the garden. Since that large rain event last week, we have had two more rain storms. Heavy rain can be hard on plants. Especially if it comes with strong winds. And if the soil is excessively dry it can cause the powdery upper dust to run off. That is not good if your garden is situated on even a slight incline.

And even after excessive rain there can be problems. Molds and mildew can set in on delicate bruised leaves, making an entire crop unsellable in a few days. Vegetables spattered with rain splash take extra time in the wash stand. Brushing dirt off squash may not seem like a big deal until you have to do several crates of it. Prepping planting beds and seeding new crops can be difficult or impossible when if the soil is wet and sticky. Late plantings in August mean no harvest in late October. No harvest is bad for the farmer.

All in all, we try not to complain to much about the weather. As they say, if you don't like it, just wait a while. It will change. Every season and every type of weather has its pros and its cons. That means you have a choice. You can complain when it is dry and you can complain when the rain hits, or you can be thankful for the dry warmth and the invention of sprinklers and you can be thankful for the rain that literally falls out of the sky and does your work for you!

We try to choose thankfulness. I am thankful for the rain. Thunderstorms are awesome and rain is life.

The recent rain and cool weather does feel like the beginning signals of fall. Now I just have to figure out how to be thankful for cold weather... I a still working on that one.

Anyways, things are still alive in the garden. Here is what was in your share:




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