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CSA Week 5

Welcome to Week 5! Here's what I made last week using some of our bounty: Grilled pizzas with arugula and homemade mozzarella. Beet ice cream!

I got the idea of making beet ice cream from my mom, who is always thinking outside of the box in the kitchen. I mostly was envisioning the lovely color that the beets in the ice cream would produce, but the ice cream ended up tasting good as well! I made a basic vanilla ice cream and added a few small well cooked and well pureed beets to it, then I churned it in our ice cream maker. I could taste a faint hint of beet, which I think complemented the vanilla flavor. I got a lot of Pepto Bismol jokes from my farm hands but there wasn't a drop left after dinner, so I think it went over well.

A lot of the veggies coming our of the garden right now make for great pizza toppings-grilled/marinated summer squash, arugula, herbs, or broccoli would all be good choices for pizza. It was a natural dinner choice, though it always takes more work and coordination than I remember. It would be a good dinner option for a lazy Fourth celebration!

In the share:





Head Lettuce

Lettuce Mix


Summer Squash-Many many ways to cook this, my favorite being the lunch pancake: Shred the squash, add salt to it and drain for 15 min or so. Mix in some chopped onions, a few eggs, and enough flour to hold it all together. Throw in any herbs you have lying around. Fry up. I serve these with variations on a dipping sauce made with mayo, soy sauce, sriracha, and minced garlic. My whole family loves these, and never gets tired of them. If I have excess zucchini or summer squash, I'll shred them all up, portion them into small baggies and freeze them so that we can have summer squash pancakes all winter long!

Cilantro (the taste of summer, in my opinion, and goes well in the squash pancakes)

Dill (making a lot of potato salad this week, and dill is my herb choice for potato salad)



Enjoy the share!

The ATF Crew

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