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Welcome to Week 1 of CSA! We are glad to be starting deliveries, and only a week later than last year, which is pretty good considering the late spring we've had. We have had a lot of help this spring and we've managed to whip the garden into pretty good shape. There are other things that loom over our heads though, consuming time and thought and worry and energy. There is a baby coming in July, there are consulting opportunities developing for Joel, there is a future and potential final settling place for Abraham's Table Farm. It gets overwhelming very quickly. But for now, lets focus on how green everything is! We are always surprised at how many different shades of green exist around us, even in one species of plant! This is the season that green leafy vegetables love, and they thrive and sweeten with the cool nights. You're getting a lot of greens in your share this week, and we have some good ideas for how to use them up!

Yesterday, inspired by the vibrancy of the spinach in the garden, I made spinach pasta. After it had dried, I cooked it and threw it in a frying pan with some asparagus, chives, garlic, and butter. A sprinkle of sunflower seeds on top added crunch. We all loved this and it was fun and beautiful to eat! What are some ways you're using the greens?


Salad Mix

Head Lettuce


Broccoli Raab-an Italian green we always grow, read about it here







This is a basic recipe for a frittata, which we eat a lot of. The possibilities are endless! Riff around with the herbs, greens, and cheese and you get something different and delicious every time!

My favorite salad dressing(for all the lettuce!):

Serves 2

2 TB balsamic vinegar

6 TB good olive oil

Splash of soy sauce, to taste

TB of mustard, any kind

1 large clove garlic

Blend all with an immersion blender, taste and correct seasonings, then store in fridge.

There are many ways to eat rhubarb, and they're all good!

Enjoy the share!

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