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Wood Fired Bread Oven!

One of our employees this year is Jed English.

One of Jed’s passions is bread. Before coming to the farm, Jed worked at a small artisan bakery in Chattanooga TN. Eventually, Jed would like to have his own bakery.

If you know my wife Megan, you know that she bakes some incredible bread. 15 years ago, after living in Italy for several years, Megan’s mother created her own starter (literally out of thin air) and began learning how to make better bread. Eventually Megan inherited her mother’s sour-dough starter and began learning the art of bread making as well. Her bread is now famous among those in the know.

Well, it wasn’t long before Jed revived our long put off interest in building a wood fired bread oven. And now, with Jed’s leadership and help from few friends, we intend to make it a reality.

We're going to build a wood fired bread oven.

Research has been done. Plans have been drawn up. Supplies are now being sourced.

Megan has been successfully baking incredible bread in our home oven for years. But this large outdoor wood-fired brick oven will take the bread to another level and allow us to bake larger volumes of even better bread. We are pretty pumped for this project and all the bread (and pizza?!) that will be coming out of it. There’s something really cool about working with things as elemental as brick, fire, water, and flour. I’m sure there'll be lots to learn.

Over the next several weeks we plan to move this project to completion. Ideally we’ll be offering a Bread CSA Add-On for the second half of our regular CSA season. If this is something you're interested in, make sure you stay tuned. This bread oven will be built for production, but we only plan on pumping out a limited number of loaves this fall.

And don’t forget to keep up with our social media pages. We’ve let them slide a bit during the past several busy weeks, but we plan to post regularly as this project unfolds.

Till next time!


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