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Winter/Summer Pasture And X-Country Skiing

One thing I love about this job is all the changes you get to witness. I've always marveled at how seasons are always fresh--and being very place present allows you to really see the drama.

For instance, take the pastures. These two pictures are taken in very similar places but the mood and color scheme and lines are all so different its like a different place.

And its almost more startling in the garden spaces! I'll have to post some of those next week.

Take some time to notice the views around you. We like to think that things are the same from day to day but they aren't. Our heads would explode if we tried to actually comprehend everything that was always changing in our surroundings. What's around you is never the same and they are always a feast for your eyes if you take the time for them.

Let your head explode a little bit by noticing the changes taking place. Start with watching some sunsets...


Oh and if anyone ever wants to come ski the pastures--let us know! Here's some videos!

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