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Week 10

Half way through the CSA season! Wow. It is going fast.

One of our main goals this season was to work ON the business rather then just working IN the business. There is of course a lot of work to be done just in running a farm but this year we had good help and we needed to spend some time improving and HOW we do things to make the farm stronger and more stable as a business.

One important project/improvement was to build a walk in cooler on wheels. Until now we have never had decent cold storage which meant we had to do all our picking RIGHT before delivery. This is not impossible when the business is just getting going but it means a very long and stressful morning on delivery day. Having a proper refrigeration allows us to pick a little earlier and ease up the long stressful morning. It also allows us to pick things when they are in their prime instead waiting till delivery morning no matter how it looks. Needless to say, a good walk in cooler is essential for keeping quality and freshness high. And because we have a long drive for delivery, we needed it on wheels.

But a young farm is a busy place and we only just got down to business on this project a few weeks ago. Next week our main worker (Daniel) will be heading back to college and we absolutely had to have the cooler done by then so that Corinne and Joel could handle the entire harvest on their own. So, we put everything else on hold and buckled down. Daniel and I (Joel) finally got it up and running last Saturday and we will be using it for the next weeks of harvest. We are very relieved to have it! We hope you enjoy the EXTRA fresh produce.

In your share this week:

Lettuce Mix



Summer Squash



Hot Peppers


Herbs x2


Thanks again for supporting us,


Joel and Daniel insulating the rear door.

Dad finishing the interior corners. Una helping?

Oh yeah, and Frances is doing great.

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