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We Have Great Chicken!

Almost everyone eats chicken. But not everyone eats great chicken.  

What do I mean by "great"?

Well that depends on what is important to you. It almost doesn't matter though, because our chicken is great in almost every way.


Our chicken is great for the environment. These birds are raised in floorless mobile shelters so their manure is spread evenly across the landscape. That means that while we raise these birds, we are also rejuvenating and invigorating the soil and plants wherever we go. We are restoring the land, not polluting or destroying it. 

Our chicken is also great for...well...the chickens! Our chickens live in a veritable chicken paradise. No feed made from dead animals and cow pies (yes, some people actually feed their chickens that stuff). No dark or filthy sheds here. No canabalism. No cages or concrete pads. No diseases. No chemical baths or steroid injections. Our birds live comfortably. And not only are they physically comfortable, but they participate with us through their life and death in a mission that is greater then us both. (restoring the land and nourishing our community). Lucky birds. Some humans don't even enjoy such comfort and meaning in their lives.

Our chicken is great for the economy. By shopping at a local farm you are using your money to support the kinds of businesses that you believe are important. Your money drives change. We don't take tax payers money, handouts, or debt. And we don't externalize our costs or push them off on someone else to turn a profit. We simply harvest sunlight and share the abundance. That's value for our community. And not only can we continue to work, but all the other small businesses that we in turn support can continue. And perhaps the best part of that phenomena is that you KNOW what your dollars are supporting. It sure is hard to say what kinds or practices you are really supporting when you buy that other chicken from who-knows-where...

Our chicken is great for us. It's true. Our chickens sustain us in many ways. They improve our field's productivity, they keep our bodies healthy, and the income they generate keep us going on our mission to regenerate the landscape and nourish many. We may serve these chickens, but these chickens help keep US going too. We must not forget that.

Our chicken is great for you. There are many complex proteins and compounds that the human body needs, but cannot synthesize on its own. These compounds can be found in many animal products including chicken. That is why we firmly believe that true, long term, human health requires a diet that contains animal products. Our pasture raised, soy-free chicken has the nutritious diet IT needs to be sure that it can provide your body with what YOU need to be deeply nourished and healthy. 

Our chicken tastes great. That's right. If all those other high fa-looting reasons weren't enough, our chicken just downright tastes great. Leave that soft flavorless factory farmed chicken behind, and instead, sink your teeth into something with flavor and texture that will make your mouth truly water.


As you can see, when you eat chicken from Abraham's Table Farm you can be confident that your eating is having a positive impact in the world around you. So if you haven't yet, go ahead and order some chicken, gather around a table with people you love, and share a meal that echos positively in the world around you. 

And please, tell your friends that they don't have to eat sub par chicken anymore. The good stuff is right here at Abraham's Table Farm.  

Go ahead...

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