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We Do It For The KIDS!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


We made a video.

For kids.

Because kids are cool. And they wanna know stuff. And we like that.

And sometimes the adult answers are just a bit stuffy.

There are high fa-lootin answers to why we farm--and they are true--but we also just farm because its fun! And when you farm you get to do a lot of interesting things.

Some kids we know have been asking us about chickens and chicks. So we made a quick video showing how our chicks live in their first few days. If you know other kids who might be interested in seeing what happens at a real farm s

And MAKE SURE you leave your name and a question in the comments below so I know what to show you in the next video!

Here's the video:

Thanks for watching!


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4 comentários

From the Tan kids:

What happens to the male chicks?

How do you get hens to lay one egg a day, instead of a bunch at once like other birds?

How do you know which eggs will be for eating and which will grow into chicks?

How much do 100 chicks cost? Do any ever die on the way? If so, does it contaminate the other chicks?

Do you ever eat your hens? How do you decide when to eat them?

Titus is asking for a video about growing vegetables!

Thank you for the fabulous video! We really enjoyed it!


My kids watched and enjoyed this video so much, all the way in Tasmania, Australia! We've been recently learning a lot about permaculture and raising chickens (I'm taking an online course) so this video was really cool to illustrate a lot of what I've been learning about. Question from Ketzia (8): how do they find their food containers when you haven't shown the chicks where the food containers are?

Keep up the good work!


Knox and Cole thought this video was really cute. They want to visit your farm some day! Cole asks: Why do you have so many chicks now? Also, why do the mommies give the baby chickens to you? Knox wants to know: how many eggs can a chicken lay in its life? What's your favorite farm tool, and what job does it help you do?


From Joseph: Why do chickens have to live in a coop? What do chickens eat? What do you do with their poop? Why do the mommy roosters want little babies? And why does Uncle Joel have only half hair?

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