“Tucking In” The Garden

What We Do Now Is Critical For A Successful Spring

While our efforts on the farm may look like we are shutting things down, in reality, what we do these next few weeks will significantly impact our ability to smoothly ramp-up our gardening efforts next spring. There is always so much to do once the snow starts melting, and we have learned that the more we do now, the easier it is to get the season started (when there is so much to do that it can feel overwhelming!).

That’s why I say, “our farm season really starts in the fall.”

So, as we finish harvesting each bed, we remove the dying plants, and carefully cover each bed with tarps. Of course, that work almost looks like tucking in sheets on a bed. By doing this, the nutrient-rich mulch is protected from the wind and rain and the harsh snows and spring melt. The tarp also holds in moisture and protects the planting area from invasive weeds early in the spring.

What we are doing now is exactly wh