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The Paradigm Shift You Need

The corporate industrial food system isn't serving you.

It uses dubious practices to deliver sub-par food in an inefficient way. It doesn't care about your nutrition or your convenience or the next generation.

Sure, the food is cheap, and if that is really all you demand, then maybe it is serving you. But is cheap really in your best interest? Or anyone's? When was the last time the dollar store really made your life better?

I'd bet that robust long term health, peace of mind and conscience, and a healthy world for the next generation are a little more important then "fast and cheap".

And as far as convenience goes, is the grocery store really very convenient?

You probably think that being able to swing into the grocery store at any time and grab whatever food you want is pretty convenient. And it a way. But mostly, its just the way you're USED to doing things.

Because if you look more closely, you realize that the grocery store model is actually not very convenient. I could devote pages to proving this point but let me try to make it simply with one example:

Grocery stores operate with the same model as shopping malls and department stores. Pile up large inventories in huge buildings and make every single person drive to and from the central location every time they want something. That's a lot of driving and time spent by the shoppers. And that model all got started back when cars were new and exciting and people had time to kill.

But it doesn't work well in today's world for a variety of reasons. Amazon has proven that a delivery service that knows your purchasing habits is FAR more efficient. And by the way, Amazon's current model is a return to an older model (hello milk man of yesteryear) that also proved the point. The shopping mall/grocery store model is the historical anomaly that only existed during a time of cheap energy and excess. Its not actually the best system.

But back to the point. Your're USED to grocery stores. So they SEEM like the simplest option.

But in truth, they are NOT the best or in your best interest.

In order to participate in something better you need to change your mind. Dispense with the old drive-to-get-your-food-from-a-brightly-lit-warehouse model.

Lets start from scratch and look at your actual needs...

First, you need nutritious food so you can stay healthy in an age that is increasingly unhealthy. No quick fixes--you need long term health. So nutritious food is must. (big Ag doesn't deliver here).

Secondly, the earth is important. For you and the next generation. So lets not destroy the earth to get what we need. Duh. (Big Ag doesn't deliver here either).

Third, you're busy. So growing it yourself is out of the question. So is going way out of your way. Heck, even grocery shopping is a pain here. So let's have the food come to you. (Big Ag and grocery stores don't deliver here you see a pattern?)

And finally, you're not JUST busy. You've also got a lot of mental things to juggle as well. So lets not dream up something that requires tons of research and fact checking and constant vigilance. No scams please. No piles of food to pick through or endless options to decide between. Just really good food you can trust so you can stop worrying about it. (Big Ag is hardly a trustable entity. Decision fatigue is real at grocery stores. No go for big Ag again).

But is a real solution that delivers on all those too good to be true?


It's here.

Simple, straightforward and reliable.

Just cut out all the layers of complication that have been established for decades. Layers of complication that only serve the food giants and cheapness. Make the mental switch and start seeing that everything your USED to isn't actually the most helpful thing. Its easy because your habits are there, but its holding you back.

Once you recognize that the grocery store system doesn't help you but its actually a system that requires more from you and delivers less... you can move on to something that is actually serving you.

Here's the solution:

One person who you get to know personally and trust (so you don't have to worry about your foods quality).

Who knows all about the best ways to produce the highest quality food (so you don't have to be an expert but you have an expert on call).

Who is set up near you (so there is no long supply chain or delivery AND you can visit in person).

And who is dedicated to growing and delivering your food to you (no time spend retrieving your food--it comes to you).

And after a few seasons, that person knows your eating patterns well enough to adjust his growing practices according to your preferences (because you're not static, so the people serving you can't be either).

Put all that together and you get.... A Small local farm using the best practices to produce food specifically for a small group of members. That's us.

What could be more simple? What could be more obvious? A farmer growing food specifically for the people eating it. Voila.

It makes you wonder why those long supply chains and cross country driving and huge warehouses and bricks and mortar stores ever got started...

We are a small farm and we are in the business of growing the BEST food specifically FOR YOU.

When you're ready, let go of that inconvenient grocery store habit and start doing it the simple way. We're ready when you are.

To Better Food,

Farmer Joel

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1 Comment

Whitney Khan
Whitney Khan
Jul 16, 2022

And also, how about we're used to getting what we think we need when we go to the store. But actually, we have to spend time planning menus and devising lists. And let's not even go into the time it takes to "shop online" for those grocery stores that do offer deliveries (hint: it takes longer than going there in person). Why not just see what's in season and what comes out of the ground that week and then figure out what to do with it? Narrowing in on choice of ingredients makes it that much more of an adventure in learning to live with the cycles of the seasons!

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