The Farm Team (2020 version)

Updated: May 30, 2020

This year our farm team is larger then previous years.

This is a critical year for us since we are not only responding to significantly increased demand, but also moving our farm to a new location. Extra farming plus building out a new farm on the side means extra hands were needed.

For the last few weeks we have kept our nose to the grindstone getting things as ready as we can for the upcoming season. But since we think the personal element of a small farm is super important we wanted to take a moment to let you know who exactly is out here growing your food.

So here we are:

Arguably the most important person on the farm is Megan. Megan owns the farm with (and is married to) Joel. Most of her energy is focused on the preservation of life, culture, music, and food in the home half of the farm. She has a background in dance. She loves feeding people through the communal sharing of meals. She loves being part of the holistic transformation of people-including herself-as they commit themselves to being in a relationship with the land. She's basically the bomb dot com.

The next most important person is probably Daniel. Daniel is Joel’s younger brother who just graduated from college. This will be his first full year at the farm. Daniel has worked on the farm every summer since high school but this year he is excited to take on a bigger role as the garden manager. Daniel has always loved working with his hands and spending time outdoors and he sees the farm as the perfect way to do both those things all the time.

Our seasonal help this year comes from Jedidiah English and Jonah Hitchcock.

"Jed" English is a recent college graduate from Chattanooga and a long time family friend. He joined Abraham’s Table Farm this season to enjoy the Minnesota climate and experience the beauty of life on a small scale farm. Before this he was working at a bakery in Chattanooga, and loves to do work with his hands in various capacities. Jed will be working here all year.