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Share Week 3

Your share this week contains a few new things and several standards. Below is a list of the contents with a few cooking thoughts from Megan.

Spinach-a half pound of spinach again means you should make this recipe!

Lettuce mix-Salad dressing slump? Take your pick here for something to spiff up your greens.

Kale- Don't be afraid to simply saute it with butter and garlic.

Baby Pac Choi-These guys are getting a bit stressed out due to flea beetle damage and drought. They’re already going to seed way early than they should so we harvested them and are including them in your share for the week. Pac choi is a mustardy Asian green. It goes well in stir frys.

Turnips-I’ll be making this turnip salad this week.


Head Lettuce (the variety is called “Freckles”)

Garlic Scapes-These little curly wonders are the stalk the garlic plant shoots out. They eventually become a flower, but we cut them before they bloom so that the energy in the garlic is focused on growing the bulb underground. Garlic scapes are crunchy and garlicky, and there’s all sorts of cool ways to use them. My hand down favorite is to roast them with salt and olive oil in the oven until they’re crispy and lightly browned, then serve them as “fries” with burgers. Another good way to use them is in a pesto instead of garlic cloves

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