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Second Week of CSA

This week’s share is similar to last week's. Rain has been scarce up here so plants are developing slower than we hoped. And while fruits have not arrived on the scene yet, right now we can give you volume on the greens. Enjoy the bagged greens while they're abundant--they'll taper off as the heat sets in!

Here’s a look at the share:

-Spinach (Our girls adore this spinach fresh and raw. It’s truly like no other spinach you’ve ever tasted. You can feel the burst of juiciness when you take a bit of a leaf. It’s almost crunchy.)

-Lettuce Mix- Salads for days!

-Arugula-I basically make some kind of version of this every week. Doesn’t get old.

-Kale-This is a variety called “Red Russian”. We like it for its flavor and texture. We have other varieties of kale coming as the season progresses too. The basic basic unfailingly good way to eat kale is sauteed in oil or butter with lots of garlic, salt, and a squeeze of lemon.

-Turnip-these sweet crunchy fresh turnips are unmatched. They are called “Harukei” and we usually eat them raw as snacks until they’re gone. Here’s a good raw slaw which will highlight the freshness of the turnips. You can thinly slice up the kale from your share and substitute it for brussel sprouts too. Also, have you ever tried Miso Turnips? You must.

-Radish-There is a really good cooking/farm blog I reference a lot for recipes. Check out all her different ideas for radishes here. If you want something simple and don't love eating radishes raw and whole, try grating or thinly slicing them into your salads. They give some pop and texture to the soft and mild lettuce.

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