Planning the Meals (#5)

So far I’ve written a lot about theory to give you a paradigm so that you could understand my process. But theory without application is useless and I think you’re probably ready to receive the application.

Keeping all the theory from previous posts in mind (specifically how nutrition shapes all of my meal decisions) my meal plan each week is shaped directly by a few factors. They are: Personal Preference, Variety, and Weekly Activity. I’ll go over them briefly.

Personal preference: Simply, I’m the one cooking the meals, so I get to choose what we eat. This helps keep cooking exciting for me. I get to cook what inspires me. I like to keep tabs on current cooking literature or social media outlets about cooking to help me stay inspired.

Variety and balance: This is a subset of nutrition in my mind. It’s a given that I have access to healthy product, but it’s important for me to keep that product interesting and to mix it up so we’re all getting a good variety of food to keep us healthy and not bored with the meals.

Weekly Activity: When I sit down with Joel every Sunday to plan out the schedule of the week there might be an event happening that occupies an evening. If this is the case, I’ll plan to have a type of meal that accommodates that event. For example, I might plan a meal that can be prepared in advance so that I can be available for that event.

Back to the process...