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Our Paw Patrol

If you visit the farm, you’ll quickly meet Phoebe (the big white one) and Jukal (smaller and dark). And just because they seem to be just lazing around during the day, don’t think that they aren’t earning their keep. That’s because most of their work is done at night.

In fact, while these farms dogs like someone to give them a good scratch, they are bred for their protective qualities. And that’s good, because while we are snug in our beds after a hard day’s work, they are often up and patrolling the fields -- constantly aware of things we can’t see or smell.

Abraham’s Table Farm is located in a very rural area. All the farmers know there are fox, bear, coyotes, and other carnivorous critters out there – all "on the hunt for dinner" nearer than we are aware of.

So, with a couple hundred chickens and a small herd of cows in the pasture, our farm would seem the perfect place for wildlife to find an easy meal. But as Phoebe patrols the fringes of the property, predators realize that their best bet is to find food elsewhere. The fields and woods offer them what they want without having to tangle with any domesticated guard dogs. So, we can rest assured that having our pups out there keeps most wild things at bay!

They may look a little rough around the collar (get it?) but that’s because they are working dogs. Rain or shine, hot or cold, the dogs know they have a job, and they do it well.

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