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Our Food Is Not For You

Our food (and farm) is not for you if you are looking for cheap food.

In fact, if you using price to determine which food to buy or not buy, our food is not for you.

Our food is also not for you if you hardly eat at home. If you are too busy to cook and end up taking most of your meals on the go, or if you just don't know how to cook--you should probably not shop with us.

There is no problem with eating on the go or eating in restaurants. There is also no problem with saving money or sticking to a budget. Its just that our food probably won't work well for you if those are your priorities.

The food we produce is different. It is unlike almost all the other food available. We exist to produce food that it is significantly more nutrient dense then all the other food you can find. Its for people who need that kind of food. Our food is for people who recognize the deficiencies in typical food and understand that it is possible to have better food that not only fuels you but also nourishes you.

Our food is for people who understand that their food is what builds their body and so the nutrient density of their food directly limits or facilitates the integrity of their body.

That is who our food is primarily for--people who are serious about getting extremely nourishing food to repair and strengthen their body.

But it is also for people who just plain love food. Because as we pursue the highest levels of nutrition in our food we also find that healthier food has deeper flavors, more vibrant colors, superior texture, and more aroma. So it also follows that people who want the best tasting food--people like chefs and foodies--will also value our food.

If you are serious about nutrition and want to protect your health through the food you eat then our food is the obvious choice for you. Our food is the best available in that case. And it's also for you if you're looking for the best flavor. Because flavor and nutrition are linked.

And there is one more group of people who our food is for. Our food is also for people who are looking for a way to live that is not extractive or coercive and believe there is a design and pattern in the natural world and way for us as humans to engage that promotes health and wholeness in both ourselves and the world around us. Because as we pursue nutrition in our food we not only stumble across the fact that the enjoyment and delight increase with the improved flavors, but the whole ecosystem and living communities around us begin to flourish as well. Our health is not separate from the health of the land and communities around us. When we honestly and truly pursue the one without taking shortcuts or forcing our way we find that all things are healed together. If you're concerned about the effects your food choices have in the world and are looking for a way in which your food consumption actively supports something good, well then our food might also be for you.

We're not doing this work for everyone. And we are not busy trying to solve every problem. We are seeking to do one simple thing--produce food that is so incredibly healthy that it can nourish and build up the bodies of those who eat it. The fact that deeply nourishing food is also incredibly delicious is a wonderful bonus. And the fact that stewarding health in a small place would spread health in the wider region is an exciting truth as well.

But in the end of the day, our food is for those who want to be nourished and healed by food that is deeply nourishing because it is incredibly healthy in its own right.

If that's you, welcome--enjoy the feast!

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