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Mid March Farm Look-around.

The scenery around the farm changes dramatically in early march. Typically there is a short window when all the melting happens and suddenly it feels different. And usually, the later that big melt comes the more dramatic it is.

This year things have stayed cold pretty long. I'm anticipating a really fast turnaround as our temps catch back up to the average.

Looking around right now everything looks pretty much like winter is still dominating. And to be clear, we did just have some negative temp nights. But next week is going to be warm with some nights not even dipping below freezing. There will be a lot of melting happening...

I hope to make another video in not too long and you'lll see if you watch it back to back with this one just how much change occurs.

And to those of you who don't live in a climate like this, its a bit difficult to explain what its like to live in a basically white landscape for several months in a row. Even drab colors look really amazing after that long without them. You really notice. Your eyes are hungry for it.

And of cours, its not just about how everything looks outside. The activity levels around here and the number of people and things being accomplished all tick up in a big way in March.

Its like a rebirth. Or a new life coming out of a seed. Or leaves sprouting. Or grass sprouting. And to have your life ramp up in time with the scenery and sounds and temps is pretty cool. It feels RIGHT.

So here's a video of what the farm looks like this week:

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