Meal Planning #4 (Building Blocks)

I want to make this whole topic of meal planning and its application accessible to my readers, but I am also aware that taking the time to sit down, plan, and execute healthy meals consistently is NOT easy. It requires a lot of dedication and faithfulness.

What I’m not trying to do is minimize your presence in the kitchen. I’m not trying to help you make “fast food”. Quite the opposite, I think there’s a general lack of willingness, and even disdain to spend any time or effort at all around the preparing or eating of healthy meals.

I am hoping to try to show you how to re-enter the kitchen with a new perspective and allow it to be woven into your life in a holistic way. I want to deconstruct the barrier between “kitchen” and “life” and present a more integrated definition of home in which the kitchen informs and influences everything else! I know, this is fairly radical. It seems a lot to ask in this busy culture where it’s hard to find time for anything. But without a doubt, if it’s important to you, you will find a way to incorporate it into your life. This is true of anything.

Today I’m sharing two of my favorite things to make in my kitchen. They are simple, comforting, nutritious and well-loved by my family. They function superbly on their own, or as building blocks for another meal.

Megan’s Chicken Broth:

1 whole chicken

4 chicken feet (optional, but these definitely fortify your broth)

2 stalks celery, cut in rough chunks

2 carrots, cut in rough chunks

1 onion, cut in rough chunks

10 peppercorns