Make Hay When The Sun Shines! (and other ways we pivot with the weather...)

Updated: Apr 9

Springtime Is Sprint Time For Farmers

The schedule here at Abraham’s Table Farm each spring is simple – finish your current task and then start the next thing on your list. Then the next thing. Then the next.

You get the picture.

The challenge in farming is to pivot quickly and adjust your plans when something unexpected occurs. Like when last week’s wind storm damaged our high tunnel. If that had happened at almost any other time of the farming season, we would have had to make emergency repairs (while still completing other critical farm chores). Not fun!

But we quickly realized we didn’t need to repair the high tunnel immediately. In fact, a temporary quick fix would keep the chickens protected, and we could pivot and complete the new movable chicken coops. And that is what Daniel is doing this week. Once they are ready, we will move the chickens to the field -- and then the high tunnel repairs can be tackled later!

The new coop frame is built on an old pop-up trailer frame we got from our friend Dave Lilligren. The arches and plastic over top give lightweight weather protection for the birds. Mesh floor means manure drops through to fertilize the pasture beneath--no cleaning!

Bringing In Truckloads Of Rocks – Are We Crazy?

Removing rocks from the garden is a seemingly never-ending task. But this week we had truckloads of gravel brought TO the property. The reason: thanks to several days of dry wind, we finally could extend our driveway.

The extended driveway will pave the way (pun intended) for the delivery of the semi-loads of compost that will be used to upgrade the fertility of our garden soil. More (at the end of the blog past) on how you can get personally involved in that process.

Driveways take a bit more then the hand-tools we rely on...Gotta call in the big boys!

Smells Like Heaven (And You Can Get Some)

Jed, our resident bread baker, is perfecting his technique – and it is marvelous to be guinea pigs for his experiments! Yum! In fact, he has baked and delivered his first batch of 20-or-so loaves this week. They are truly round loaves of sourdough deliciousness!

Now the question is – would you would like to get a “bread share”? If so, then sign up HERE to get more info directly from Jed. He can answer any specific questions you have. If you're ready to add bread to your CSA (or join the CSA generally) you can go HERE.