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Farm Update

Hey Friends!

It has been a long spring, and we almost thought it wouldn't come. Now that it's here, we are in GO mode. Three weeks ago there was snow on the ground, and now with the day temps averaging 70 degrees, we are scrambling to get beds prepared and transplants in the ground. Usually all of April we are bed prepping, but we really couldn't get into the ground until the end of April which means all the April work is clumped into May, on top of all the May work. Whew! It's a lot. Joel is still teaching until end of May and I'm a bit occupied with two children outside of me to care for and one inside of me to care for. These days are long. There are good things to them though. The girls are usually great at working with us and occupying themselves, and they're also great about napping in weird places, like the cab of our truck, or an outbuilding on the farm. Everyone is outside for 80 % of the day, which makes us all happy and sleep well. The sun is out, and the snowsuits are gone! We are thankful.

It's going to be a full year. With a baby coming in July, a dairy cow coming in two weeks, business expansion planned, and several friends and family coming and working with us over the season, we will be busy.

CSA deliveries are tentatively scheduled to start either the last week of May or the first week of June. We will keep you all updated!

Megan, for all of us

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