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Farm Journal 7/8

What We've Been Doing:

Its summer and we are in the part of the season where you just hang on. No extra projects. No extra activities. Shoot, even just tidying up after yourself and getting a shower in is enough! Typically we establish 3 main goals each week. But for the last few weeks, we've just had one: just finish all the routine work before Friday evening. And that has been enough.

And I must say, I am super proud of the team! We HAVE kept on top of the routine work and gotten all the urgent stuff done each week. It may not sound like much, but during this period of the season things are just growing so fast and there is just so much going on that keeping on top of everything that pops up takes full concentration. Typically, SOMETHING gets away from us and slips through the cracks because we just. can't. do. it.

But we're staying after it and its going to pay off in August and September when we still have all the weeds under control and plantings in on time!

But that's not all we've been doing. We've also managed to pull together a pretty darn sophisticated fertility regiment to take all our plants and soils to the next level. Plant health and nutrition is a super complicated thing and so far we've taken a pretty general approach to it. But this year we've really taken it up a notch (you've seen the mineral balancing in the videos) and some of those changes are just kicking in now. We're pumped to see the results in time!

Also, Megan and I (Joel) have been able to slip away for a wedding and a quick breather. We've hardly gotten away from the farm during the last SEVERAL YEARS and we are still a little shocked that this is possible. But like I've said, the team is really got things under control and I don't even have to worry when we're gone. I'm so thankful for their work.

Aside from the normal grind we've also had a truck break and a cow die. So you know... its not all rosy.

What We're Feeling:

I think we are all proud of our work so far and determined to stay on top of it all. But it does come at a cost and there is some fatigue setting in. We're not dragging yet, but the enthusiasm of spring and first harvests are certainly wearing off. At least the tomatoes are just coming in--THATs always exciting.

What We Need:

We need to take care of ourselves and take our rest seriously. And care packages (hint hint!). Swimming breaks are key as well.

And some way, some how, we need to remember that faithfulness to the little things is what life is all about. Trellising and weeding and planting again and again and again can start to wear you down. But what could be more important then feeding our neighbors with nourishing food that heals their bodies? And what could be more foundational then caring for and stewarding the very earth that feeds us? We have to remember that these small things become big things in time. Stay faithful.

What We're Doing about THAT:

Well, aside from the above, we've also got a string of visitors coming in the next few weeks. And visits from friend are always and energy boost. It helps and work and it helps the play and it generally lifts our spirits.

So that's it. As they say, the struggle is real. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!


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