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Farm Journal 6/3

What We're Doing:

Like I said in a previous post, it has been a wild week. Through it all though, we are moving forward with the simple work of running the farm. Prep, plant, weed, tend, feed, water, move, build.... We've cleaned up some of the mess from the storm and looking for gaps in the flow to address the less critical mess. We can't put the farm on pause, so for now we're juggling normal operations with little bits of clean up. We are thankful there hasn't been more disruption and we CAN mostly keep rolling with our work.

What We're Feeling:

Incredibly thankful and supported. Ever since the storm we have been overwhelmed with all the love and support and care people have shown us. Often times we can feel like we are alone out here hacking away at the chaos but for now we are sharply aware of how many people love and support us.

It is a humbling thing.

There is also a strong sense of sober peace. In the storm we witnessed some awesome power and destruction. And some incomprehensible mercy. Both of those things can really shut you up and put you in your place.

What We Need:

It is hard to speak of needs when you have recently received such great mercy and kindness and generosity. If we have a need, its probably that we would remember just how held and seen and protected we are.

What We're Doing About THAT:

Writing the story down. So we can repeat it when the stress and anxiety and chaos build up and get us down. Meaning making is important. And meaning making is largely done through the telling of stories. Sifting out the important elements in a series of events and stringing them together into a story is what we all do all the time. And its how we turn (seemingly) random events into the stories that define us and explain our life.

So we're writing what happened down. For meaning. And memory. Which together make wisdom.


I'm a little behind on my work this week. The video will have to be posted later. Check out youtube channel later.

Here are a few pictures of the week:

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