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Farm Journal 5/6

What We're Doing:

This week the final cold nights passed and we got to work setting out a ton of warmer season plants. We also got the first batch of broilers out on pasture. Weeds are starting to spring up and we're also getting busy keeping them at bay. Timeliness is everything in the spring, so we're just keeping our heads down and planting away.

How We're Feeling:

Cheerful now that the sun is out and the temps are finally up! Someone told me this was the coldest spring in 60 years! It certainly felt unusually long... so we're relieved to be working in the sun. We're also fairly on schedule which feels great!

What We Need:

We need more CSA sign ups. We are still not full for the season and we should have harvests in about a month! So we need those signups!

What We're Doing About it:

Marketing is our weak point. We mostly just clam up when it comes to marketing. But We are trying to make more videos and improve the website and do the things one is supposed to do with a business. We're also trying to stay focused on producing a quality product and stay patient--a lot of people wait till the last second to sign up...

Back to work!


Gotta start cultivating early or you lose the battle!

Still starting tons of seeds!

Broiler Chickens chillen on pasture!

Chickens scouring the pasture for bugs!

Routine Maintenance of machines as we bust them out in the spring!

Pasture Pens moving broilers across the pasture!