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Farm Journal 5/27

What We're Doing:

As always there is a lot going on these days. But at the same time, its all the same spring routine as before. More planting. More seed starting. More chicks. More chores....more of the daily grind.

But there have also been some newish things... like we now have MORE birds on pasture then before (close to 600 broilers and 200 layers).

We also just set up a final high-tunnel for later season cucumbers!

We're building some automatic waterers to ease up on the chore load.

Our worker from last season Jerram came back for a visit!

Mostly we're just pushing on with the spring planting though! Lots of planting and staying on top of the weeds! And believe it or not, we're actually planting out some of the fall crops now!

What We're Feeling:

The team is doing an AWESOME job staying on top of everything. We are on track and executing really well. As I've said before we're being really strict about staying timely this spring and it feels like it's starting to pay off. I'm super proud of where things stand right now.

What We Need:

Daisy will be having her calf pretty soon here. That means we need to get the milking area set up ASAP so we're ready when the milk starts flowing.

We also need to make sure the washstand is ready for harvest which will be starting in a few weeks--that will be a whole new category of work ON TOP of what we're doing now so we need to be ready for it.

What We're Doing About THAT:

We're taking time to plan and prep those work areas little by little when we have time. The team is mostly experienced people this year so we all know what to expect and what needs to be in place before those crucial dates arrive. As long as we keep chipping away at it all we should be able to keep rolling smoothly!

Here's this weeks look-around video and pictures:

The three photos below are of us working at the Osprey Wilds Farm.

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