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Farm Journal 5/20

What We're Doing:

Planting. Seeding. Prepping the ground for more planting.

Oh and we went white water rafting this week too! After all, when the kettle river is right around the corner and you've been working hard for weeks its only right that you should have a little fun! Plus, all the spring rain had the water extra high so we had to take advantage of it. It was a blast!

What We're Feeling:

We've still got gas in the tank. And that's good. Each week the work increases and will keep increasing through the peak of busy-ness in late June. But so far, the team has been up to the challenge and we're staying on top of things. We're still squeezing in time for fun and as the weather greens up its hard NOT to feel optimistic!

What We Need:

We just need to hold the line for a few more weeks. Stay focused on the crucial tasks and make sure to respect the rest times so we don't exhaust ourselves too early in the season. Oh and we need to keep hydrating, because hot days they are a-coming.

What We're Doing About THAT:

Farming is a marathon. Not a sprint. If you know anything about marathons you know that you DONT sprint at the beginning. So we're being careful to honor our strict schedule and take off work at 5pm SHARP--no long hours. Period. We're being intentional about scheduling fun stuff to keep the playful spirit alive and we're keeping a laser focus on our highest priorities.

If we can just keep showing up and doing the most important thing on time every day we should be fine. Sounds simple doesn't it?

If nothing else we'll build a lot of character...

Here's the Video and some pics from the week!


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