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Farm Journal 5/13

What We're Doing:

There is a LOT going on right now. We've got 300 broilers on pasture and 300 more in the brooder and 300 more coming in a few days. We've got a couple hundred laying hens on pasture. The planting is going full tilt and beg prep has to stay ahead of that. So lots of planting transplanting and soil prep most days.

Also, now that warm season things are going in the ground like cucumber and tomatoes, we're starting to trellis a lot of crops as well. That saves time later when they are easier to harvest from, but it takes time at the

And that's not just on our farm because we also just got the other farm we manage up and running as well. So two farms to work now.

And then there are other projects that have to be tended to as well. Like building extra pasture pens for the next 300 broilers. Or extending the deer fence to keep nibblers out.

Also, this week we were hit with a fairly severe store with hail and high winds--so there's some damage from that as well...whew.

What We're Feeling:

Whew. Were running now. We're not quite behind but its not letting up just yet.

At least the weather is GOR-JUS. that is certainly a blessing that makes days more energetic. The green is just so lush and dense--its a feast for the eyes! I think we're all just luxuriating in the warmth.

What We Need:

We need to stay on top of the work. These are the critical weeks when there is a ton to do and its a struggle to stay on top of everything with all the twists and turns of the weather. We're feeling pressure and we need to be careful to prioritize well, stay focused, and keep our energy up.... as well as laugh and play and blow off steam when we're not working!

What We're Doing About THAT:

We're calling out for help and planning a work day!

That's right--if you're free on Saturday the 28th you should come out the farm and help up get some things done. We'll give everyone a big tour, do some work, have some fun, and just relax as well.

If everyone brings a picnic lunch we can all sit outside in the shade after a job well done and eat a meal together too!

This event will be a great time to get in touch with the farm so that all year while you eat the food from this place you have a real understanding of where its coming from and what goes into it!

Plus, Minnesota in May is pretty glorious. So if nothing else, just sitting in the green grass gazing at the blue sky and listening to the birds is worth it.

So plan a day. Come on out. Bring the kids. See some animals! Get to know your farm!

So that's it!


Here's a video showing you around the farm and then some pictures as well:


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