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Farm Journal 4/29

What We're Doing:

Building pasture pens and planting transplants! This spring has been long and drawn out, but now we're finally making the push to get things outside and going! We've already got over 600 broiler chickens on the property and the greenhouse is busting at the seams. Since the ten day suggests the weather is finally shifting, we're going ahead and getting tons of transplants in the ground!

What We're Feeling:

Relief that the SUN is coming out some. Maybe things will finally start growing! There has been so much grey and depressing weather that it starts to seep into you. Some relief from the weather is a real relief to our soul and you can start to remember why you like this job! Boy is it hard to remember why you like it when its gloomy and chilly out!

What We Need:

Warmth. That's All. Just Warmth.

What We're Doing About It:

Since we can't change the weather, we're working on building "slack" into our production systems. That means extra brooder space in case we need to hold birds in protected spaced longer then anticipated. Or potting plants up into extra large pots so they can stay in the greenhouse a bit longer without being cramped or root-bound. This "slack" allows us to be flexible with the weather without skipping a beat!

All that means we can reliably produce the highest quality food for you season after season no matter what the unpredictable environment throws at us. Slack gives us resiliency which gives you security!

Here's This weeks Video:

And here's some pictures of the week:

Chickens on pasture!

Una prepping her own garden for flowers...

The team putting together pasture pens for more Broilers!

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