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Farm Journal 4/21

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

What We're Doing:

We're planting! And prepping beds for more planting next week!

We're also moving chickens out to pasture--its finally warm enough!

The team is all back for good now and things are really moving along. Hurrah!

How We're Feeling:

Relief--it seems like spring is finally arriving. Its been such a long and dreary spring and we're sick of the nasty weather. We're ready for nice weather. Its also fun to have the whole team working together--its exciting to have so many people working together!

What we need:

Please just let the weather hold! And please tell your friends to sign up for the CSA! We need members and we need warmth!

What's Coming:

300 more chicks arrive next week. And tons of planting and garden prep. We also need to get over to the other farm that we manage and start cranking that into gear! So much to do!

Here's a quick look around the farm!

Debi Broadforking beds before planting!

Tiny Little Garlic Plants coming up!

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