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"Drouth" and "The Storm"


All day the crops burn in the cloudless air,

Drouth lengthening against belief. At night

The husbands and wives lie side by side,

Awake, the ache of panic in their bones,

Their purposes betrayed by purposes

Unknown, whose mystery is the dark in which

They wait and grieve. All may be lost, and then

What will they do? When money is required

Of them, and they have none, where will they go?

Many will go in blame against the world,

Hating it for their pain, and they will go

Alone across the dry, bright, lifeless days,

And thus alone into the dark. Others

In grief and loss will see more certainly

What they have loved and will belong to it

And to each other as in happiness

They never did--hearing, though the whole world

Go dry, the hidden raincrow of their hope.


The Storm

We lay in our bed as in a tomb

awakened by thunder to the dark

in which our house was one with night,

and then light came as if the black

roof of the world had cracked open,

as if the night of all time had broken,

and out our window we glimpsed the world

birthwet and shining, as even

the sun at noon had never made it shine.

These two poems are by Wendell Berry and can be found in his collection called "Enteries".

This summer has been drouty. But this week we are finally getting a good soaking.

Drouth is grinding on the farmer. Storms can also be stressful. Any extreme in the weather is difficult.

But I am always intrigued by the possibility of these very things deepening our love and wonder at life. It's not just about looking at the bright side--there is something much more profound going on. Looking on the bright side is a mental trick that comes from discipline and will-power. It's a systematic erasure of the things we don't like. But what is suppressed only gains power.

Being moved towards deeper love by difficult and painful or scary things is something different. It's mysterious...

These poems induced THIS POST if you care to hear me respond a bit more...

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