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This week our Dairy Cow Daisy had her calf. His name is Dante and he is our first bull calf.

We are very excited because even though we've had a dairy cow for quite a while, its been years since we actually had a steady supply of milk from her. Last year she had a difficult calving and bout of mastitis which resulted in us drying her up early and the year before that we failed to breed her (we were pretty busy then).

So its actually been a couple years since we consistently had our own supply of milk.

But this year, we were determined to get it going again. And since one of our workers (Jerry) is extremely motivated and interested in the Dairy animals, it feels like things will work out much better this time around.

Milking is a strange thing. I'm sure its not like this on a larger dairy farm, but when you have one cow that you know almost like a pet and then you work closely and intimately with her every single day to get an incredibly nourishing and delicious food... well its quite the bond you develop.

Its true that the morning milkings are relentless, but if you approach them with the right attitude, they become a very beautiful and quiet time with a large and gentle animal that you love. Thats not a bad way to start your day!

In any case, we remember milking fondly and we love our dairy cow. So now that she has a calf by her side were excited to get back into milking. I'll keep you updated on how it goes!

Here are a few pictures of the calf:

walking out to greet the new calf!

figuring out how to stand!

Nursing on Mom.

Colostrum Milk.

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