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CSA Week 8!

August! Its here already? Suddenly we are thinking about the end of things! It won't be long before Daniel leaves us to go back to school. And I will start teaching soon. And there isn't much more to plant. We mostly need to focus on finishing well. Which is a lot easier said than done.

We are very thankful for the break we were able to take last week up at the cabin. Those days of reset and refresh really help us stay focused and energized for the second half of the season. Taking a step back really helps you see how hard you have been going and keeps you clear eyed about where you still need to go. 

I am thankful upon returning. This work really is pretty cool. We are blessed to be able to work outside with plants and animals and to produce flavorful and nutritious food for our friends. Sure it's sweaty and sure we get tired. But it is beautiful as well.


As you can see in your share there are still new things coming in around here. Like Tomatoes. We are certainly annoyed at how late they are but alas, there is very little we can do about when spring comes. Its nice to see those red globes though. We have been working on them for months now! This year was the first year we grafted our plants and I was very eager to see how it played out. So far they seem vigorous and healthy. 

Basil on the other hand seems to be getting some kind of blight... we intentionally put it in the share this week though so you could enjoy it with your tomatoes. Try a pasta or a pizza, or a salad. Basil and tomato is certainly one of the best food combinations known to man.


In your share:










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