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CSA Week 7


Hi friends!

It’s been a good week on the farm. The cooler temps make it more pleasant to work in the fields and the rain we’ve been getting has lowered a lot of our stress. We managed to get all the items on the garden to-do list completed this week, which is an extremely rare occurrence! Our team has all been pushing and working really hard to get things done, and the garden looks beautiful for it. It’s starting to feel like late summer now. Ground plantings ease up, and the weeds are growing less vigorously. We can all catch a breath for a moment.

Here’s a look in your share:

Fennel-this might be unfamiliar for some of you, but it’s worth trying! Fennel is similar in texture to celery, with a strong licorice-y flavor which is also somewhat sweet. It’s good shaved raw over salads or roasted in the oven with a medley of root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions, thyme) served with brats. Use the stalks and fronds too, they add lots of flavor! Those of you who are familiar with fennel-what’s your favorite way to prepare it?





Carrot-This is one of our favorite carrot recipes ever.


Tomatoes-Finally! It never feels like summer until the tomatoes are in. And the best way to eat them now is fresh, drizzled with salt and olive oil. Maybe some torn basil and minced garlic but that’s extra. Or just make a simple salsa and eat with chips

Lettuce Mix

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