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CSA Week 7!

Hello Members.

It's the dog days of summer around here. There really isn't much to report. It's hot. We sweat a lot. We do chores. We tend the garden. We go to the lake after work. 

If we are not careful, these can be the days when we burn out. We have put out a lot of energy by this point in the season and it is important to rest up a bit for the rest of the journey. After all, we are not even half way done with the season...

Each year Megan and I (Joel) try to take a little trip away from the farm. Typically we go up to the family cabin. It is really nice. Sometimes it doesn't feel like we can pull ourselves away. But we do. Because we have to. Rest is just as important as work and you can't do one without the other. We know that there will be bigger problems if we don't. Burnout is a real young farm killer.


Thankfully we have great help this year. And, we have worked hard to get as much of the plans/details/worries as possible OUT of my head and onto paper or set down in a known system. All that means the farm can run smoothly even if I take a break and shut my eyes for a moment. It is a really great feeling knowing that details are being taken care of and the right things are being done at the right time even when I am not around. 

I am very thankful for my brother Daniel, my siter-in-law Corinne, and our friend Thomas for all the hard work they put in around here. I am especially thankful for Daniel though who has really stepped up and taken on much of the daily management. In fact, I have been able to rely on him so much this season that I am getting a little nervous about him leaving in a few weeks. How did I ever do all this without him!?

Coleslaws are a good summer vegetable side option. People often think of cabbage as the staple in coleslaw, but really almost any vegetable, if shredded, can fit well into a coleslaw. You've got carrots, kale, cabbage, onion, and celery in your share this week, why not make a coleslaw? We make coleslaw using mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, salt, ground black pepper,and that's about it. Mix it all in to taste, and add more mayo if you like creamy coleslaw. Or if you don't have mayo, use sour cream. It's a forgiving dish. 

Then, another side dish for your summer party is grilled zucchini. Slice them lengthwise into thick-ish slabs, then grill until either side is charred. Toss with good olive oil,salt, chopped garlic, and chopped basil (oh, that's in your share too!)

And while you're grilling, might as well throw some burgers on the grill because we're selling our grass fed/finished ground beef at the dropsites tomorrow. 

Oh, and serve a salad using our lettuce mix and cucumbers to cleanse everyone's plates. There you have it. All  of the vegetables in your share used gracefully in one farm to table meal. You're welcome.

In the Share:

Lettuce Mix









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