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CSA Week 6

The garden is FULL. At this point in the season we have basically planted every bed in the garden with a crop at least once. From now on, every time we need to plant something new (like lettuce for the fall) we will be first pulling out a finished crop and re-preparing the space for the later planting.

It’s our goal to keep a living root in the soil and living leaves above the soil at all times. It takes a lot of management to orchestrate the complicated sequences of crops, but it’s far better for the soil health and allows us to grow a lot more on a much smaller space.

Your share this week includes:

Lettuce mix

Swiss chard




Head lettuce



And don’t forget that we will have CHICKEN for sale at the drop sites this week. Order a few HERE and get your grill on with THIS RECIPIE!

See you at the drop site,


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