CSA Week 6!

This week's post will be short due to an unfortunate time crunch. We will circle back and post more information later.

What we do with our share when life gets too busy is just throw everything in a pan with butter and sald and let it rip. No, seriously. Just chop up all your veggies and saute them together in one big pile of colorful deliciousness. Its really wonderful and it will use up veggies like whoa. And if you need to stretch it for more people, just put it over rice and call it a stir fry. Just make sure that you cut or grate the hard veggies up much smaller then the soft ones. And put them in the pan first so they cook longer. Put the greens in last just for the a few min.

Try it. We know you'll like it. And you'll feel so dang proud of yourself and healthy that you'll feel great all over again.


In the Share:







Salad Mix



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