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CSA Week 3

Things are super busy here as you can imagine. We are running just to keep up. Thankfully, we have had quite a bit of rain and sun recently which makes everything really GO!

In the Share:

Kale (red Russian or Lacinato)

Lettuce mix

Head lettuce

Garlic scapes (the curly green things in the bag-google them for now, but we'll talk about them on the blog later. We love these!)



Baby kale mix



Lemon Balm (easiest use for this-sun tea! Fill a mason jar with water and the herbs, cover with a lid, then let sit outside in the sun for a day or so. Strain, add honey or sugar to taste, and chill for a yummy summer drink) Again, sorry for the brief letter. There are a lot of new and delicious vegetables this week and we are excited to show you how to use them, it'll just be a day or so until we get things up and running again. Also, we're selling whole chickens and eggs if you need extra! I'm grilling chicken for the 4th, you all should too! The ATF Crew

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