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CSA Week 3

Welcome to CSA Week 3

Greens are still prolific in the garden, though we're seeing signs of summer produce. The zucchini/summer squash and cucumbers are small and soon we'll be harvesting them every other day. Heck, we might even sneak some in the share today. There are green tomatoes on the plants in our high tunnels.

One vegetable we usually plant but didn't this year is sugar snap peas. This is because they need to be planted in April or even March in order for them to have enough time to grow and produce fruit before the heat arrives. This year, the snow didn't leave our fields until late April, making it too late to plant peas. This was sad news to us because we all love those sweet crunchy morsels. We might try to get a fall planting of peas in if things calm down by then.

We processed 130 chickens last week. This is a big event on the farm both in management and labor and it requires all hands plus more on deck. We half dread it, but once it comes around, it usually is an encouraging and bonding experience, because everyone is working together for the entire day. We have a huge nice meal at the end (NOT chicken), commiserate our fatigue together, and sometimes go for a dip in icy Grindstone Lake. So that being said, you meat shares are getting nice big chickens this week, and we are also selling the birds. This month they were pretty big, averaging about 5 pounds. We are selling them, whole and frozen, at $3.50/lb. These birds are some of the cleanest poultry you can get. We feed them organic, non-soy, non-gmo grain rations, and as soon as they are old enough to be on pasture they are, moving to new grass every day. The taste is unrivaled, and they make excellent bone broth! Email us if you'd like to purchase some of our chickens!

Rain came last week. Corinne and the girls washing arugula at our wash station.

In your share:



Salad Mix

Pac Choi

Mountain Mint (my favorite kind of mint, sweet and great for ice tea!)



Beet Greens-I love beet greens with their mineral-y taste and high iron content. Use them as you would any green, but check out this recipe.

Head Lettuce



Enjoy the share!

THe ATF Crew

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