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CSA Week 17

Hello everyone!

Before I say anything, I would like to remind everyone that next week is the LAST CSA WEEK! That means if you are a half share and you are picking up this week, this will be your last share!


We are ready to wrap up the season of course, but we are honestly and truly very sad to see it end too. Really sad.

AND we are sad to not see you guys as much! This was the first year that I (Joel) did a lot of the deliveries and I really enjoyed it. It is a distinct privilege to be able to sell our food directly to the people who cook with it and eat it. It is also a distinct pleasure to be able to provide people we know and love with nutritious and delicious food. We love it when someone who starts as simply a customer looking for quality food becomes a close friend who we care about far beyond the exchange of goods.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support of this work. What you do by committing to a CSA is really impressive and something you can be proud of. It isn't easy to buy a CSA share or keep up with the deluge of produce. It isn't always easy to cook with the seasons or get creative with the millionth cucumber. But your commitment has a real impact in the world. Your decision to source your food from a farm and show up to the drop sites each week sustains us and keep us working to restore health and vitality to the land and people in our community.

Like, it really is happening! CSA income is the majority of our farm income. The early payments drive most of our growth and improvement. Our interactions with you each week keep us encouraged and motivated to keep on keeping on. This farm exists because people like you have decided to source food differently. Fields and bodies are being healed by your commitment. Work is moving forward and you are driving that change.

You can be proud of your participation in this work. It is good work and you are playing a vital role. That is really cool. We are honored to work with you!

So thanks again for letting is do this for one more season!

In Your Share:








W. Squash


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