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CSA Week 14

Week 14 is here and with it comes the cold weather. 

These are the days when it’s difficult to know what to wear. Mornings are chilly. But it doesn’t always stay that way. Layers are crucial--just make sure you don’t lose your sweatshirt when you peel it off in the middle of the carrot patch!

This week is also likely to usher in our first frost. It may only be a partial frost in the low portions of the garden, but it is a significant event nonetheless. It is always a time of mixed emotions. On the one hand it means our work is ending. In that sense it is something we welcome with open arms. But on the other hand it kills off much of our hard work and limits what kinds of crops we have available for the CSA. In that sense it ushers in a more difficult (and uncomfortable) period of the season. 

But this is the case for every season. There is a perfectly inseparable mixture of excitement and sadness. Something is ending. Something is beginning. Neither feeling should be shunned. 

As the cold weather sets in we will try to cover certain crops for later harvest. Unfortunately, this temperature plunge comes a bit sooner than we expected and some recently ordered crop protection supplies may not be here in time. Some crops may get nixed sooner then we would like. We’ll see how it all plays out. 

In the meantime, we will be harvesting what will probably be the last of the tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and possible peppers as well. It’s hard to know what will be alive by the end of the week. 

Of course, frost doesn’t mean the garden is over or all the harvest is done. What is in your share will change over the next few weeks but the shares will keep coming. Also, your cooking might bend more towards soups and stews soon, but that doesn’t mean the ingredients can’t be fresh and flavorful! We’ve still got many more weeks of harvest lined up for you--never fear.

In your share:




Red Peppers




Purple Cabbage

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