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CSA Week 14

The countdown is on.

A few weeks ago we sent our last broilers in to the butcher. Chore time was cut in half when they left.

Recently we finished all planting and thus finished a whole category of work in the garden. Now when we harvest or remove a crop the bed is prepped for winter and tucked in.

Things are ending. The beef animals are on their last rotation through the pastures and recently turned a corner and are headed towards the final paddocks near the barn.

Things are finishing.

Of course, the work doesn't really END, it just changes. For instance, all those cows are not sold yet. They need to be or we are in trouble. So I might not spend as much time in the garden over the next few weeks, but I won't be relaxing. Sales, marketing, and outreach about our meat and why it matters to buy local and sustainably raised beef will be occupying my mind. We have to wear a lot of different hats around here.

And then there is the upcoming move. In case you have not heard, we are preparing to move this fall/winter. After five years of hard work trying to establish a farm business we are finally getting ready to put down roots on our own land where we can really get serious.

Its exciting and we will tell you more about it as things develop, but it also means we will have plenty to do later this fall.

All the more reason why the ends of things feel so good. Like ripping out Tomato plants. Looks like those suckers are about done. I hate to see them go, but it was by far our best tomato year yet and at this point, I am getting hungry to rip things out and shut things down...

Speaking of hungry... the recent chilly days have gotten us thinking about soups and stews and roasts. (That is why you'll find potatoes in your share.) If you are feeling it too, make sure to pick up some chunks of hearty beef or a couple chickens from us at the drop site. Or, if you are getting that "stock up--winter is coming" kind of feeling, go ahead and sign up for a half cow and get ready to hunker down this winter with enough beef to feed you till spring. Did I mention we need to sell some meat?

But in all seriousness, please help us get the word out about our meat. Check out our recent social media posts, and stay tuned to the blog and emails to learn more about why sustainably raised, grass fed, pasture raised meat is important for the land, and your health. and let your friends know that we exist. It takes a village to establish a farm, and we need our community to help us get this good food to the people!

In your share this week:


Dill (because dill is great with potatoes)

Lettuce mix (frilly!)


Tomatoes (these may not be quite ripe...just give them a few days on the counter)






Summer veg is coming to an end. Don't expect much more of it. The recent cold weather has really slowed the ripening down.... but there are greens and roots coming on line, so don't fret!

Thanks again!


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