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CSA Week 13

Another week has rolled by. Everything has taken one more step forward.

The never ending garden work continues to shift away from planting and weeding and towards clean up and harvest. A few days this week felt almost like fall! In particular, we had a chilly and wet harvest morning Monday which is typical of the fall season.

The Bread oven also took several steps forward this week. Jed has now finished the entire dome and only has some external work to finish up. The dome needs to cure for two weeks before it can be fired. That means, the first loves should be arriving on the scene in about that time! We can’t wait!

As fall settles in and we find the routine farm work slowing down, we begin to look forward to all the fall projects we have planned. I like to tell people that Fall is really the beginning of the farm year because the fall months are really the time when we set the stage for the coming year. Most of our larger improvements are built or done in the fall when there is a little more time because once spring rolls around, we are sprinting full tilt. Fall is also the time when the victories and struggles of the season are fresh in our mind and we in a good place to make strategic decisions. Waiting till spring means letting things fade.

In the past, just getting to the end of the year was enough. This year we don’t feel quite as exhausted or used up. We’ve taken one more step forward.

In your share:



Red peppers





Thai Basil


From the team at Abraham's Table Farm

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