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CSA Week 10

Well here we are: half way through the harvest season.

The beginning of August is a natural break point in our season. On a practical level we are half way through the harvest season. We are also moving into the last stretch of plantings. Typically we say goodbye to some of our help as they return to school.

Seasonally, things also begin to change. First we simply feel different. After we notice the feeling we typically look around and notice the subtle early signs of the coming fall. The slanting light is different and has a slight golden tone. Perhaps we see a stray colored leaf. Maybe there is a new smell in the air or an initial chilly morning. The physical signs are usually limited and elusive, but the feeling that precedes them is distinct and clear. We know the seasons are changing before we see it. Insight precedes sight.

As it turns out, early August is the half way point between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. If you pay close attention to the seasons long enough (which we are forced to do) you soon realize that the middle points between the four major solar events are when phenomena actually begin to change around us.

The shift that occurs in early august as we pivot from summer towards the first hints of fall is a favorite of mine and is marked by abundant harvest and excessive growth. Things are just LUSH this time of year. It almost tips into excess and overwhelm. Relief starts to become welcome.

You can see this in your share at this time of year which is exquisitely colorful and abundant. Check it out:

In your share: (recipes to be added later)









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