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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Well, we made it to week 1 of CSA. Despite the snow in May, the cold, late, wet spring, and the lightening jump to summer, we are here, standing in our garden, surprised yet again by the edible verdant beauty springing from the earth. It never gets old or less surprising.

We've been waiting a long time for this day. Joel says that waiting for the first CSA harvest feels like how he imagines an 8.5 month pregnant woman to feel. There is a sense of discomfort, anticipation, and anxiety that accompanies us all spring as we plan and work and concentrate our efforts to culminate on that first delivery day. And then it happens. The pressure is released. The baby is born, life changes, new routines are assumed, and it all becomes normal. The wheels roll. Happy first week of CSA!

In other news, we have chicken! Our first batch of broilers went to the butcher last week, and came back looking pretty spiffy. We raise these birds on pasture and move them to new grass every single day. We give them an organic, non-soy, non-gmo food ration. They have excellent flavor! We're bringing a whole cooler of them down today, so they'll be available to purchase. Also, roast chicken is great stuffed with the herb that's in the share this week, sage!

In your share:

Lettuce Mix

Head Lettuce



Pac Choi


Kale Mix


Since there are so many salad options in the share this week, why not try a new salad dressing? Take your pick here.

Roasted rhubarb is so simple and versatile. Serve it over icecream, with shortcakes and whip cream, on yogurt, or swirled in muffins

Pac Choi, or Bok Choy is a mustard-flavored Asian green that goes well in stir frys. Here's a basic way to prepare it.

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